Blu Haze Resort and Spa: Digitizing billing with Hotsoft Hotel Management System

The 3-star hotel Blu Haze in Munnar implemented Hotsoft Hotel Management System to streamline its operations, leading to increased productivity of billing staff, reduced headcounts, accuracy of billing, better service and lesser guest wait time.

Blu Haze is an eco-friendly resort located amidst the tea plantation of Munnar, Kerala, offering three-star deluxe facilities for the guests. The resort has 41 rooms with all standard facilities and amenities.

Business challenges

Blu Haze managed its operations using a hotel software from a local vendor and found increasing number of errors in restaurant billing. The inefficiency in software forced the hotel to adopt manual billing system, making it a time-consuming process.

Blu Haze’s staff had to dedicate a lot of time and attention in solving customer complaints in restaurant billing. Between customers explaining the exact problem and the staff diagnosing the technical errors in the software, there was a lot of inefficiency back-and-forth. The guests often found its tedious to gain the discounts offered to them as the staff was unable to keep track of them manually.

The manual system for billing further weakened the process as there was no interdepartmental communication and staff conversing over telephones to find the services used by the guests. The process resulted in revenue leakages, time-consumption and dissatisfaction among the guests which resulted in loss of revenue and brand reputation.


The hotel intended to completely digitize its operations and targeted to achieve the following goals:

  • Make billing error-free
  • Reduce the time for billing and less waiting time for guests
  • Track the discounts offered to customers, thereby check for any pilferages
  • Improve service
  • Plug revenue leakage
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Unify the look and feel of its bills and reports


Hotel got in touch with Datamate to study the problem and recommend as appropriate solution through its Hotsoft Hotel Management System.


By implementing Datamate’s Hotsoft Hotel Management System, the hotel was able to integrate all functions across all departments, resulting in better guest satisfaction. It resulted in vast improvements both in terms of qualitative and quantitative aspects of operation. Since the installation of Hotsoft HMS in 2013, the hotel has seen the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Helped generating invoices in two minutes in automated system as compared to 15 minutes in the manual system, resulting in improved productivity and lesser wait time for customer.
  • The automated system has the bills from different departments logged, reducing time required to collect the bills at the time of check—out, resulting in faster billing and lesser wait time.
  • Automated billing ensures no bills are missed compared to bills being lost or not accounted in a manual system.
  • Completely eliminated errors in calculation
  • Qualitative improvement in service
  • The resources were entrusted with more productive tasks and/or altogether reduction of headcounts.
  • Room occupancy inputs were available at fingertips as opposed to the same being gathered manually, leading to better business.
  • Accurate room availability status allowed tracking of patterns of seasonal occupancy, and hence, decisions of pricing/discounting are made easier.

For demonstration and sales inquiries of Hotsoft Hotel Management System, write to sales@datamateindia.com.

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