A residential skyscraper brings management efficiency with Purple Keys

Dhahran Tower, Saudi Arabia, a residential skyscraper, delivers premium services to its tenants by harnessing Datamate’s Purple Keys Premium Hospitality Management Solution.

Dhahran Tower is a 47-floor highest tower in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, comprising 293 apartments. Managed by the well-known Al Suwaiket Group, this unique skyscraper provides high-standard accommodation for its tenants. With gym, spacious pools, multi-purpose halls, recreation rooms, restaurant, salon, rooftop helicopter pad and several other top amenities, Dhahran Tower delivers a greater ultra-luxury stay experience to every guest.

Business Challenges

To oversee the operations, Dhahran Tower required significant resources in terms of the number of employees assigned and the number of hours they devoted to managing the complete establishment. Manual collection and processing of information from different departments of the establishment, reviewing and analyzing them took away a massive amount of time. That is when Dhahran Tower integrated Purple Keys Advanced Hotel Management System into its system.

“The maintenance of such an esteemed residential facility required a well-defined hospitality management software,” said Sajan Renganathan, Resident Manager, Dhahran Tower, Saudi Arabia.


Dhahran Tower sought to build an automated IT infrastructure that can provide them with modern, robust operations capabilities. The company wanted to free their employees for other high-value work assignments. As such, automation specifically intended to reap the following benefits:

  • Automate front office, restaurant and housekeeping
  • Track the complete stock and asset movements
  • Avoid manual process of finance and payroll


After considering several property management systems, Dhahran Tower chose Datamate’s Purple Keys Advanced Hotel Management System to automate its infrastructure. When Dhahran Tower evaluated Purple Keys, a solution designed exclusively for 5-star hotels and resorts, it learned that Purple Key’s features matched up well with Dhahran Tower’s needs to automate its processes.

“The solution (Purple Keys HMS) has unique features that provided a holistic management approach for us,” said Sajan Renganathan, Resident Manager, Dhahran Tower, Saudi Arabia.

Employing the best practices of application lifecycle management and product delivery, Datamate implemented nine modules of Purple Keys with unprecedented efficiency. Purple Keys offered flexibility and functionality, and it automated every process in Dhahran Tower’s business operations.


Dhahran Tower had extensive asset and maintenance works, and Purple Keys’ asset management module improved the efficiency of the complete process through end-to-end automation. The staff initiated the maintenance work order, assigned the work and tracked its progress through the application. They were able to schedule the preventive maintenance in advance, which prevented unwanted delays seen earlier.

The adoption of automation in the finance department eliminated manual postings, daily entries and report generation. Allocation of car parking slots for guests across four floors of the tower became seamless with the implementation of Purple Keys. Restaurant, payroll, housekeeping, laundry, HR and Front office were the other areas automated.

Dhahran also chose to customize the software to suit its specific business requirements. “One primary advantage is that the team (Datamate) is open for customization of the solution. We required a specific feature related to consumption against a work order, and the team accommodated it with no hassle,” added Sajan Renganathan, Resident Manager of Dhahran Tower.

Implementing Purple Keys to automate the complete processes reduced administrative and operations costs and allowed Dhahran Tower to proactively manage operations, preventing any delays. “Although Datamate’s office is located in India, we never had any issues in support services. Their online job posting and tracking facility helped us a lot,” he added.  

“We never had any issues in support services. Their online job posting and tracking facility helped us a lot.”

Sajan Renganathan, Resident Manager, Dhahran Tower, Saudi Arabia

“I recommend Purple Keys software to all premium hotels and resorts that are looking for hassle-free solution.”

Sajan Renganathan, Resident Manager, Dhahran Tower, Saudi Arabia

For demonstration and sales inquiries of Purple Keys Advanced Hotel Management System, write to sales@datamateindia.com.

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