Mediware Hospital Management System joins the league of NABIDH and Malaffi connected hospital software

Datamate’s flagship product Mediware Hospital Management System, a popular Hospital Management System in UAE and India, has joined the league of NABIDH and Malaffi-connected hospital software systems.

Introduced by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), NABIDH is a health information exchange platform safely and securely connecting public and private healthcare providers in the region. Malaffi is a similar platform for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The platform is established as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project between the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH) and Injazat, a regional organization, pioneered in digital transformation. Malaffi is operated by Abu Dhabi Health Data Services – Sole Proprietorship LLC (ADHDS).

Both NABIDH and Malaffi are critical components of the digital transformation of the healthcare facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They facilitate meaningful, real-time exchange of patient health information between all healthcare providers in the regions, leading to a centralized database of unified patient records, improving the quality of patient care. The integration offers a clinical decision support tool for healthcare providers, enabling better patient safety, improved diagnosis precision, and efficient care delivery. It also reduces unnecessary duplication of diagnostic procedures and paperwork and also potential diagnostic and treatment errors.

To make your HMS NABIDH and Malaffi-compliant, contact +971 56 6907222 or write to hello@datamateuae.com.

About Mediware Hospital Management System

Launched in 1999, Mediware Hospital Management System with 40K active users and adoption in six countries is a popular hospital software. The software provides 360-degree automation for healthcare facilities. Currently, Mediware is available for sales only in UAE and other Gulf regions. For a demo of the Mediware HMS, write to hello@datamateuae.com. 


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