Is your current information system equipped to ease the clinicians’ workload?

The responsibility of a clinician goes beyond care delivery. The healthcare spectrum expects a clinician to stay abreast about the latest medical researches, new medical technologies, compliancy with regulatory structures in place, improve the quality of care, reduce readmissions and many more. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) do share the cognitive workload of clinicians to a great extent. However, it is undeniable that there is a bombardment of data even in EMR. Although more data is beneficial for accuracy in treatments, it may not always be easy to process them.

There is an unsaid expectation that the clinician needs to review each data present in EMR and respond appropriately. The clinicians are time-starved, and they experience fatigue in managing and processing the data. This is where the EMR has a better role to play. EMR has to be a system that does more than storing data.

Concept of intelligent EMR

Care workload will never get less complex, and the information will continue to grow. However, having an EMR that highlights the clinical record of high-risk patients or that labels ‘Emergency’ next to the investigation request of a high-risk patient makes things easier. Intelligent EMR comes embedded with such features.

Intelligent EMR provides features of abnormal alerts when the patient vitals are beyond standard value or when the test results are in improper range. It also provides referral responses, medication refill requests and interdepartmental message exchanges. They simplify data entry through provisions of medical dictionary and present data in readily understood patterns such as graphs.

Mobile application for doctors

Limiting EMR to desktops creates a limitation for clinicians to check the health status of their patients. This is where the significance of mobile application comes into play. The doctor’s app is a simplified EMR that allows doctors to access patient information via their smartphones, making the care delivery portable.

Datamate provides clinicians with such intelligent tools to support their patient care. To find out more about intelligent EMR and Doctor’s mobile application, contact an expert at hello@datamateindia.com.


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